Monday, April 21, 2014

Keystone, Insanity, Putin, Control

New Keystone XL Delay: 'A Stunning Act Of Political Cowardice':

Yes, Yes, BO is a coward and his minions in the MSM will be too busy talking about Korean ferries, missing planes and boys asking Miss America to prom and such to cover it even if he didn't go max stealth in making his latest announcement on Good Friday!

The Keystone Pipeline / Global Warming element is 100% SYMBOLIC ONLY!
  1. The oil is being extracted both here and in Canada,  pipeline or no pipeline! 
  2. The oil is being MOVED in ANY case as this article points out, less than 10K tank cars moved in '08, last year it was over 400K! Guess what ... LESS environmentally friendly and MUCH less safe!
So other than pure symbolism, there is NO REASON to protest this pipeline even if your are the most insanely green person possible, but still sane on other topics.

You need to find an extra special sort of extra symbolic insanity to stand in the way of ?? ... well, basically less train cars, or less oil coming from Canada to the US (which just means it goes elsewhere and gets burned).  That makes good sense if you are Warren Buffett and own the railroad I guess, but in other cases it seems baffling at first glance.

It USED to be that environmentalists loved to point out how "insecure" it was for us to get oil from Arab states -- only now I think we have fully given the lie to that fake caring. They don't want the oil to come from ANYWHERE, but guess what? Until BO declares it directly that we don't get the oil, and maybe issues an edict to the rest of the world to not use it either, all those Arab states STILL get money for oil and so does PUTIN!

Remember old Putin who we did a "reset" with after W, and to whom BO quietly promised "more flexibility" after he got re-elected? Yes, that guy.  Lower world oil prices and Putin takes a major league testosterone hit! covers the obvious fairly well ...
Russia's oil and natural-gas industry, which provides 70 percent of the country's export income and 52 per cent of its governments revenues. Moscow now controls half the energy market in Europe and is able to adjust prices to punish or reward countries and to keep others quiet.
Surprise, while the Warmistas were smugly saying "conservation is the ONLY answer, since the US and Canada are out of oil", innovation in the technology of fracking was still operating. Liberals" always want to kill innovation for just that reason -- in the house of mirrors that is the liberal mind, "liberal" actually means CONTROL, and innovation is very damaging to control!

So, through the scourge of innovation, we now have "Together, the U.S. and Canada have more oil and natural-gas reserves than Russia or the Middle East.' (same article). 

Drop the cost of oil and the US and Canada have more diplomatic power and Putin, as well as those Arab states have LESS POWER! 

But let's face it, that isn't really the objective -- nor is "climate" for that matter. The object is CONTROL! 

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