Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Roswell to Pagosa Springs, Memories and Chance

The alien museum opened at nine, so I had to settle for some pics and a couple T-shirts, coffee cup and shot glass across the street.

Hit 285 N out of Roswell and within 30 min was on a completely deserted 4-lane with tunes cranked doing 80 in a 70. No traffic, no place for a cop to even hide ... air would be the only way. "Reaper" came on, I cranked it, popped a ridge, looked forever forward and back, and the snake brain said "top it out" ... had I not had my wireless sending gauge on my tires, the angel moose on one shoulder would have won out ... kick it to 4th, close to redline at like 105,  6th, pulled strong to 120, hit 127  and then was leveling out. The thought of  losing my license and sitting in the Roswell pokey, backed me back down -- but wow, for a couple min, massive smile. Next random song in the mix, Bob Seeger, Roll Me Away ... I ride a Wing, so Marla never has to worry about the girl in the bar. Besides, it is lent and I never drink when I ride anyway, BUT ...

Riding bike makes me think about "the safety net". How many of the best moments in your life have SIGNIFICANT risk? Love, marriage, kids ... and yes, driving whatever, especially a bike. How much  was 116 MPH on the Yamaha sled worth? soloing in a plane? ... and countless other things. Naturally, in some cases if things go wrong, life is changed forever, or over ... in which case it is changed forever for those that loved you. BUT ... is the long "risk free"  (a fantasy) life worth living?

So I drove reasonable the rest of the day ... not slow, reasonable. Wanda the Witch of the Wing and I had an odd day ... I had Monument Valley in as the ultimate destination, but kept seeing things I liked ... long story short, ended up going "too far"  N, saw how beautiful the mountains looked, took 64 to Cimarron and  WOW!!! I need to check into this when I get back, the run from I25 through Eagles Nest, Taos and up to Pagosa Springs HAS to be in the running for greatest motorcycle mountain ride of all time! Passes, streams, great rock formations, snows cappers, elk, some long fast sweeper and straight sections ...  I GOTTA do this one again!

Had never heard of Pagosa Springs CO before either ... in the running for "favorite CO rocky town"  quaint little lodge even has a friendly kitty!

Would never have been here without Wanda and smoke in the air causing early dusk ... the elk were out TOO much and I had no intent for Pagosa Springs, but was HAPPY to see it. Would have blown through for Durango or went a more southern route if not for lowering light and Wanda Routing. Chance? Maybe, we can never "prove" otherwise, but sometimes it just feels like a "better planner".

Lots of 50 ... even 48 a couple times today, barely broke 60. Some of it could have been altitude, I was up and down A LOT. The wind was OK until noon or so, and then BRUTAL ... worst yet! Had to be completely on it or it could definitely cause an accident! Not to mention I was glad for every piece of gear, engine heat blowing on me, full fairing, mirror wings, laminar lip, etc ... didn't see many bikes for good reason, and Wings and BMWs were the ones I saw except for a couple REAL Harley tough guys!

So two years ago today IBM decided that they could go on without me ... rode the Wing that day too, first 100mi ride. 540 today, I'm slipping! So thankful for the blessing of  being able to retire early -- and thanks to Marla for staying working for a bit to help make that a lot easier financially.

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