Monday, April 28, 2014

Taxes, Kissing, Racism, Privacy

Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister Won't Run for Re-election After a Kiss -

Scrolling down my Google News today I saw this -- a married Republican man captured on some grainy security tape by "unknown sources" kissing a female aide in his office. Gee, I thought, is kissing sex? I thought if it was consensual, it was a private matter ... oh wait, Republican. Never mind.

Then I see another Republican charged with tax fraud in NY.

and of course we have the sordid tale of Donald Sterling (marginal Democrat, but that isn't news) ... with a tape acquired by who cares  what means as a wife seeks to sue a former girlfriend of mixed race who was gifted a Ferrari a condo and other sundry items that apparently the wife seeks to recover.

Things this brings to mind:
  • Tom Daschle failing to pay $120K in taxes from '05-'07, "discovered" in '09. You think anything would have ever come of that if BO didn't try to get him into HEW? No way ... if you want to read the article, it covers a bit about Nancy Killefer, and Tim Geithner as well. Let's face it, if you are a member of The Party (TP), then taxes are optional or much reduced -- they just hadn't worked out the full deal with the IRS to keep the TP stuff fully hushed in '09.
     Obama, Vice President Joe Biden and Daschle's former Democratic colleagues had rallied to Daschle's defense in the wake of questions about his failure to fully pay his taxes from 2005 through 2007. Last month, he paid $128,203 in back taxes and $11,964 in interest.
  • "Privacy" in this country is where? Who taped the conversation with Sterling? Who got the pics of Vance and his kiss? Let's face it, in a nation that PRIDES itself on letting KNOWN rapists, murderers or whatever go on technicalities so tiny that they defy imagination cares not ONE BIT about attacking people for being "racists or republicans" ... oh wait, maybe it is a settled BO pronouncement that racist and republican are just interchangeable terms now? Hard for us old guys to keep up. 
So Sterling is cheating on his wife and giving his mistress millions of dollars of stuff (including a FERRARI??  -- wow, this must have been some mistress, or Sterling just doesn't know his prices that well !  -- as "presents" -- and what we are worried about is some racist rant to the ex-girlfriend that is mixed race herself? He doesn't exactly sound like a Klansman to me -- again, if you want to read the BO book "Dreams" it seems pretty darned clear that BO and his "Choom Gang" said a lot of nasty things about whites.

I would be completely unsurprised if when you get a "couple joints and maybe a little blow" (but no horse ... his words, not mine), into his snottiness  even today, he and Michelle might have some choice words for white folk ... Hell, we KNOW that we are "bitter clingers", and he wanted to filter his mom's "white blood" out of his system. But hey, sorry ... wrong standard, TP says BO is A-OK!

I know all readers of this blog have NEVER said ANYTHING derogatory about men, women, liberals, conservatives, Fox watchers, management/grovelers, Vikings/Packers fans, etc, etc. I mean, that is why we once had "right to privacy and free speech" in this country ... so we made sure that we ALWAYS said EXACTLY what we would say to someone in front of our Mom, preacher, and the person in question! Right?

I mean taping someone whenever we want, making what they SAID public, and then prosecuting them in the court of public opinion is what "privacy and free speech" is about! Hell, maybe that is "The American Way" these days? We can tell, because there is no outrage at any of the sources of this! Just a lot of tsk tsking, head wagging, and sanctimony. It is only Christians that are hypocrites ... never the left!  

Oh wait, maybe it was about POLITICAL speech? No, can't be that, there are all sorts of restrictions on who can contribute to what when and how much, and we are even starting to tread on the path that if you LIE in political speech it can be slander. Really? Oh, ONLY if it is "speech against TP"! That makes sense ... if politicians couldn't lie, I'm not sure any of their speeches could get beyond the Pledge -. er, wait. "liberty and justice for ALL"? ... clearly not for rich folks, justice is equal treatment, and our politicians gave that up to fleece "the rich" long ago.

So why bother with the "free speech and privacy" thing at all? Because if you have enough standing in TP, THEN you get those rights! oh ... and abortion, THAT is part of privacy, just not if you are a baby! Who ever said anything about a baby being "safe (and private?) in it's mothers womb"? 

I think I could just go on, but you get the picture. I'm not sure why we have a defense budget, what is it that we value enough to defend at this point? The "right" to find someone that doesn't meet some PC standard so that we can all take umbrage (the only thing the US has a surplus of!) and therefore feel "good" in that wonderful schadenfreude way?

Marvelous. I think if we look at this and some of the stuff coming out on voter fraud, we can tell TP will be doing very well this fall!

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