Wednesday, April 09, 2014

The Minority Party Prosecutor Statutes

The IRS Scandal Nears a Climax | Power Line:

Powerline still harbors hope that we live in a country where the minority party is legitimate and has the potential to wield political power. We shall see, but I believe it is time to consider that we have crossed a rubicon where "The Party", meaning the Democratic Party is equivalent to what the Communist Party once was in the USSR. The "Party of Government", where the government workers, teachers, mainline media people, captains of industry and even entertainers are required to either be members in good standing or to "shut the F*#K Up!". Case in recent point, Brendan Eich, short term CEO of Mozilla.

Remember that during the W administration, Patrick Fitzgerald, the Democrats and the MSM hunted the modern White Whale named Scooter Libby -- with sincere condolences to Moby Dick. Remember, as recently as 2007 the pursuit of a "leak" that supposedly "outed" a CIA "secret agent" that cleverly maintained cover by driving into her office at Langley every day was a constant top news story!

In the current case, the IRS admitted and tried to "head off controversy" by saying that they were sorry that yes, some conservative groups were targeted and private information was released, etc, When brought up for hearings, the ostensibly responsible Party Apparatchik, Lois Lerner, took the 5th twice.

And that is really that. The MSM and The Party have enough power, to simply declare that to be "the end of the story". The american public has no inclination to mistrust the party powers that be --- they know which side their bread is currently buttered on, and aside from the IRS, the NSA and the "PC Police", all is that is required is even the SUGGESTION that you may have stepped out of the party doctrine.

So far, the idea of a "Minority Power", even ostensively having the power of one of the houses of congress is still legally allowed, although increasingly sanctioned. The Senate Majority leader stands on the floor of the Senate and threatens the Koch brothers for speaking out, and the New York Times as well as other large media and party outlets pick up the attack. "Free Speech" in BOistan is saying what "The Party" wants you to say! 

There is no question that the IRS actions demand some form of "Independent" or "Special" Prosecutor, but don't hold your breath. Prosecution is reserved for the Minority Party -- for now, still legal, but teetering. How dare people hold views that do not agree with the Will of The Party? The Party works for the good of the people! To oppose The Party is a luxury that is teetering on oblivion in this totalitarian state.

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