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Was Muhammad a Child Molester?

Opinion: Did Jesus really rise from the dead? -

According to Wiki, at age 53 Muhammad consummated his then marriage of  3 years to his 3rd and favorite wife, Aisha.  She was 9, some documents say she may have been 10.

CNN is not going to title a column "Was Muhammad a Child Molester" partly because someone may be trying to come cut off somebodies head -- hell, they may try to come cut off mine! ... or Wiki's for that matter. That is the core meaning of "the religion of peace"!

But I really don't think that fear is the real reason for writing things like this. I suspect that the author is fine with Islam and whatever it wants to  say or do -- marry off girls less than 10, deny women education, have them wear Burkas, stone gays -- WHATEVER, because he sees Islam as not a threat to HIS religion, which is "Atheism / Secular Humanism / Environmentalism / Narcissism", essentially the worship of his own thoughts as divine.

But he IS bothered by the resurrection!  It seems "otherworldly", and he really does't like that for the same reason that Einstein was offended that God might "play dice". His faith is in the "watch with no watchmaker" ... a very predictable and understandable mechanical universe and biology that "emerged" out of  chaos (unbounded randomness).  Our universe, and likely MANY others (like 10 to the 500)  MUST have arisen without cause, meaning, or real effect in the cosmic sense, for his belief has no "why's" beyond his own mind. His mind MUST be the master of the universe, so our universe MUST be very special -- supremely ordered and predictable, yet totally random in origin! The metaphysical Goldilocks!

Which makes him REALLY uncomfortable with Christ and Christians. It is certain that the people of the Gospels saw SOMETHING that they BELIEVED was their risen savior. The author may be surprised that the Son of God raised from the dead is not instantly recognizable, etc  and complete with all human body limits (can't disappear, walk through walls, etc) All of the disciples save John went to their deaths as martyrs convinced that they and their brothers were changed and would not change "their story" even unto death by torture. "Their story" had become something not seen before or after in human history -- THE TRUTH, which the father of lies hates and seeks to destroy in all ways possible.

In this case, the author is led by his God (we all have one, Satan is happy to let you believe that YOU are god!) to introduce doubt in as many minds as he can relatively softly ..."they left out the ACTUAL resurrection" ... you know, the "specifics" of how the God of the Universe takes human form, dies, descends to hell where he atones for ALL human sin, then arises. Yes, it would be MUCH more "believable" with some "technical details".

Hopefully, if the author persists in his willful unbelief, his god will see fit on his path to eternity to clue him in on "how it is done" ... maybe there are hints in the quantum, or perhaps it is "beneath or beyond" that. I'm sure that Satan finds the "details" a source of never ending amusement ... especially when he gets to share them with one of his own.

At the end of the column the author touches on my favorite post resurrection vision from John 21, which I want on my tombstone "Gone Fishing -- John 21", so I thank him for that, and pray that he will decide that there is more to this universe than details and nice supposedly rational analysis. Christ loves the author more than I ever can, and has a wonderful purpose for him if ceases rejecting Christ the Risen Savior!

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