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Year Without Summer, Some Minority Climate Thinking

Articles: 2014: The Year Without Summer:

The set of books I'd like to read is stacking up, add "The Year Without Summer: 1816 ...", the link off this article is definitely on this list. "A couple hundred years" isn't much in even very young earth history, and I have long suspected that we could hit some equivalent of a "Little Ice Age", "Medieval Warming Period", etc to end the couple decades of the "GW Scare Warming Period".

We saw a colder year last year, and so far 2014 is colder yet. Will this trend continue? Will this summer make us wonder if we are having summer? Spring as sure accomplished that relative to spring!
The winter of 2013-14 bears a striking resemblance to that of 1815-16, and there is every reason to believe that what follows will repeat the pattern of earlier periods of extreme cold.  The consequences will not be pleasant.  As some have begun to realize, periods of extreme cold are far more destructive than periods of warming.
I love that ... A FEW, and so far VERY FEW have figured out that things grow better when it is warm! Who knows, might some of them figure out that not having kids in a culture puts a limit on the future of that culture? That if your government constantly spends vastly more than it takes in that something is "unsustainable"? I dunno, figuring out such things seems to be hugely difficult for current Americans!

Or this from HuffPo where we get the nice paragraph:
Early on, Ms. Peters tears away at the misguided belief that if we develop sustainabletechnologies and change human behavior it will prevent the globe from "flipping" into the next Ice Age. It will not. We have delayed the latter some ticks of the geological clock, but we can't stop climate change, because that is what the earth has been doing for millions of years -- long before people walked upright.
The analogy used earlier in that article mixes up 1K and 100K and even after pointing out that we are long overdue for an ice age and there is nothing we can do to stop it, goes back to trying to figure out how to stop the temporary warming. I wonder, is it that all liberals are just ADD? "Hi, I'm from next door, a giant meteor is headed for the earth and will kill us all in a day .... Can I borrow a cup of sugar?" 

There are a couple more out there as well that I need to get around to. If we have a few years (even 100) of cooling, does it mean something momentous? Probably not, but as I've pointed out many times, and the Huffpo link points out, we ARE actually very due for the the big drop to continental ice sheets. 

Would a glacier advancing past Calgary be newsworthy? Nah, "the models say" that temp could go up a couple of degrees and some islands in the Pacific might go under in the next 100 years! Now THAT is REAL NEWS! Let's see if we can all go into hysterics and buy Al Gore a new jet! 

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