Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Yellow Doesn't Apply To Democrats

Democratic Senator Nearly Qualifies for Darwin Award | Power Line:

Being a Democrat means that you are smart, you know you are smart, and you simply do not have to think about it!

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I'm sure the general media will likely cover this not very much ... clearly not indicative of anything like Dan Quayle spelling "potato", or the REALLY young webbie favorite of Ted Stevens http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2014/01/15/net_neutrality_struck_down_in_a_victory_for_the_late_sen_ted_stevens.html

As I've pointed out on this Blog before, the BO "out-takes" are not all that flattering either ... spelling RSpect, 57 states so far, 10 thousand killed in a small town in KS, etc

The difference is a very small percentage ever even heard of the Bo out-takes, and if they did and are reminded, they roll their eyes and wonder what in the world one would bring those up for -- racism no doubt.

No, actually the treatment of Quayle, Steven's, W, Reagan, etc is actually HEALTHY! We as Americans are SUPPOSED to see that our leaders are temporary occupants of places of power and are supposed to be our EMPLOYEES, really our SERVANTS!

But "The Party" and their media outlets don't like THEIR powerful being made fun of, and they LOVE to deride anyone that would DARE to hold one of those positions, so in this time of less than 100% Party power, they go berserk when a "conservative" does something humanly "stupid". Making fun of W was super good sport, making fun of BO is "disrespectful", "racist", etc.

One of the dangers though is that The Party leaders tend to believe their own bullshit. They think Putin thinks of them as they think of themselves, economics, climate, medicine, etc should obey their extraterrestrial imaginary thinking, and yes, even bold yellow caution lines apply to mortals from this planet, but not to them1 ...and then they throw all of us out in front of the train -- at least eventually, unless we keep the 2nd amendment. Eventually, being hit by something going very fast is the only thing these other worlders understand!

BTW, I worked on early internet technologies, we OFTEN called the connections "pipes" ... which last I checked are pretty much like "tubes". But then why would John Stewart know that? I doubt he knows DNS from DHCP.

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