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18 Things that Show Blacks Are Just Humans

18 Things White People Seem To Not Understand (Because, White Privilege) | Thought Catalog:

We ALL, left, right, black, white, etc like to take our own POV and then attempt to draw conclusions that reflect badly on the "the other side" -- oh, and our natural impulse is to be condescending about it.

If you are white and in China, Japan, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Kenya, Brazil, etc, then you are a minority and will be treated much the same (some better, some worse) than the list below. You will quickly be "very aware" of most of the 18 things and 100's more. Even if you are just recognized as "American" in France, Italy, Greece or other areas you will be targeted for purse snatching and other crimes. Unfortunately, it doesn't end there.

Black and white Americans may have a pretty hard time telling ethnic Japanese, Korean, Chinese etc apart on sight, but they don't really "all look alike" -- Japanese are in the running for the most xenophobic culture on earth, but the Chinese are not far behind. Does that make them "bad"? Well, that would depend on the definitions of right or wrong, would it not?

 Scientifically, it is NATURAL to "prefer like" (we REALLY know that from brain scans now), as it is natural to be attracted to the opposite sex. Christian morality tells us to go against "nature" on loving EVERYONE as ourselves relative to xenophobia ... but on sexuality, it aligns our behavior with nature. (Note, we still love homosexuals, we just don't condone their behavior, just as we love racists, liberals and Vikings fans).

"Liberal morality" seems to tell us it is OK to be very judgmental of the natural xenophobia in at least whites, although reverse hatred of whites by blacks, and even black issues with Hispanics or Korean grocery owners seem to be largely excused. A feature of "liberal morality" seems to be it's unabashed selectivity, much the same as it is disdainful of consistency in any form. (consistently inconsistent!)

Many on the left want to make the slavery of blacks in the US 150 years ago something "special", and give them impression that "whites are especially bad". Slavery is old and ongoing. The Bible, Greek and Roman texts,  texts from India, China, Mongolia, Africa, etc recognize that slavery runs close to prostitution in the list of old human relations.

There are a few million people in slavery TODAY ... sex trade, young soldiers forcibly taken in many areas of Africa. Black on black slavery led to blacks being used as slaves in roman times and earlier. In the sex trade, young white women are highly prized as slaves by other races, so the idea of "cross race slavery" as something "completely white" is also wrong.

Yes, I'd heartily agree that Western Civilization, heavily driven (but NOT exclusively) by "white men" (one DEFINITELY needs to consider Jews "white" to make that claim, which is a STRETCH) reached the apogee of human riches, power and knowledge somewhere around "the moon landing - fall of the USSR", but the seeds of it's decline were already well sown (1960's moral decline,  welfare and other state expansion, unionization of schools, decline in common person intellectual pursuits, etc

So SOME of the "anti-white people" part of the listing is just sour grapes relative to  a recently great culture -- as beating on Rome went on for 100's of years past the fall.

Where we OUGHT to be looking is at "The Middle Kingdom", the Chinese -- our rising overlords. I know they consider both whites and blacks ... as well as Japanese to be inferior, but I don't have a good handle on their exact thinking. I also know that at least Tibetans are discriminated against, but I also believe that at least historically there are "ranks" of Chinese relative to race -- but I'm pretty ignorant in this area, so need study.

The point is that "white people" are just ONE race  that "don't seem to understand", and that "red or yellow, black or white", we are all pretty much just as smart and just as stupid (in more ways than we are smart) as the next race!

Even the brilliant leftists at Wellesley have a lot of trouble looking beyond their own biases as they start casting stones.

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