Monday, May 19, 2014

97% Climate Change Consensus Explained

Breaking: The “97 Percent Climate Consensus” Canard | Power Line

Basically, "If you are the kind of person that likes that kind of thing, this is the kind of thing you are going to like!"

1/3 of all climate change papers directly endorse human caused global warming, eg AGW--Anthropogenic Global Warming.  Of the people that WRITE THOSE PAPERS, 97.5  are in agreement on AGW!

Talk about good way to pick your sample! I wonder what percentage of Scientists that are Concealed Carry permit holders in MN believe that Concealed Carry should be legal? See, you could do that survey and say "99.999% of Scientists believe CC should be legal" and you would be on just as good a ground as the 97% figure!

If you want to understand why even quoting a "poll number" is absolute proof you are not practicing science, see

Why is it again that I recommend being skeptical of the government and the press?
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