Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Another HUGE Antarctic Ice Melt! (9-19K Years Ago)

Antarctic Ice Sheet - It's Never Been Very Stable:

So why is it that the closest we can pin down a PAST event is within a 10K year window, but we have SETTLED a future event knowing that global temps will rise so many tenths of a degree in a century and a sea level rise of so many feet is CERTAIN in the next two centuries?

If there were "skeptics" in science or the public these days, one would think that a HISTORICAL event hitting a 10K window would be nigh on embarrassing. Could it be that the scientists that make OBSERVATIONS based on DATA have a lot less confidence in their infallibility than the ones that look at MODELS on their computer screens?

One almost wishes some of the latter would head out on the road armed with a google earth model and no windshield and see how that worked out for them!

The study in Nature documents that the Antarctic ice sheet is unstable and can abruptly reorganize Southern Hemisphere climate and cause rapid global sea level rise. 

Ya don't say! So much for "climate stability"! 

So sea levels abruptly rose 4 METERS in 100 years due to cave men lighting fires one can only assume! 

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