Thursday, May 08, 2014

BO Tells Big Donors "Too Much Money in Politics"

Obama says political cynicism could hurt Democratic turnout in November | Fox News:

How could people ever get cynical? The first thing to go when you are liberal is a total loss of your sense of irony. It would be impossible to make this up!

"Obama said the political system faces challenges from legislative procedures, a partisan media and too much money in politics. But he said the main cause for gridlock was fundamental differences between what Democrats believe and "what this particular brand of Republicans in Congress believes.""
Those that don't understand surrealism don't listen to BO enough. You are telling a bunch of rich folks at a 10-30K a place fundraiser that "there is too much money in politics"? Golly, I wonder if anyone could figure out how to remedy THAT???

Obama spoke before about 90 contributors who paid from $10,000 to $32,400 to attend. Among those attending were Hollywood luminaries Barbra Streisand, James Brolin and Jeffrey Katzenberg.

Clearly "The Party" (TP, formerly "Democratic") means that since there is ANY non-TP money and ANY "partisan media" (media not just 100% TP propaganda), well it "makes it tough! Not to mention, there are "challenges from legislative procedures", you know, like the filibuster, oh, damn -- got rid of that excuse already!  Well there is still that tired old Constitution and supposedly "checks and balances", although BO seems to pay no attention to that as he simply edicts changes in BOcare with no thought of consulting congress.

BO and his big donors see the finish line for them as not being very far away. There are a few pesky elected officials in Washington that have "beliefs" that BO doesn't like -- things like God, family, a work ethic, private property, freedom from being attacked by the IRS, NSA or other government agencies ... maybe even the privacy to hold a conversation and believe that if anyone is taping it, they are a criminal because they are taping it!

You know, that kind of stupid thinking -- BO is lamenting it isn't fully stamped out!

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