Friday, May 02, 2014

BO Travel, Let Me Never Hear Complaints About a Republican

Just How Much Beyond the Presidential Salary Do The Obamas Spend on Travel and Vacays?:

We heard complaints about Reagan, we heard complaints about HW, and we SURE heard complaints about W (although he was more frugal than any of them).

Very few Fortune 500 companies are going to have their CEO fly commercial for obvious reasons:
  • Their time is hugely valuable
  • security is an issue
  • It's one of the few deductible "perks" of business
Ditto US President ... except the security is huge. So BO pushes the limits, ho hum ... compared to constantly violating the constitution, destroying the US economy and healthcare system, and running a Foreign policy best described as "bend over", this is WAY down my list of complaints.

I know, I can say what I want, but the MSM and left will be back to maximum umbrage if we ever get a more conservative president back and they take AF1 out for anything personal or political!

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