Monday, May 12, 2014

Boku Haram, Freedom, Terrorism

Ruth Wisse: The Closing of the Collegiate Mind -

Many that read this blog will recall that my favorite book outside the Bible is "The Closing of the American Mind" ... looking back in the blog I realize that it is time for me to re-read that book and do a blog on it. Here is a link to a column and discussion somewhat similar to this from last year for some background if interested.

The theme here is the ongoing destruction of Western Civilization, with the University being ground zero for the destruction of big L LIBERAL thought (allowing difficult, unpopular, ancient and often uncomfortable ideas to be discussed openly in the interests of true intellectual freedom. TRUE DIVERSITY, that of THOUGHT!)

But today, the university is on the side of Boku Haram:
Assaults on intellectual and political freedom have been making headlines. Pressure from faculty egged on by Muslim groups induced Brandeis University last month not to grant Ayaan Hirsi Ali, the proponent of women's rights under Islam, an intended honorary degree at its convocation.
The US left has no problems hammering on Christianity for any views on abortion, gay marriage, etc which the left dislikes, but it REALLY hates to see the US be critical of Islam in ANY way -- even Hillary's State Department couldn't bring themselves to admit that Boku Haram was a terrorist organization.

I love Ruth's closing paragraph. If we lived in a country with a free press, everyone ought to understand the links between American universities being fine with Islam not educating girls, the State Department being unwilling to go after an organization that obviously is a danger to girls seeking education, and that overall corruption of freedom of thought in our country. Something that was once a shared American value!
In short, let the university become as contentious as Congress. In Nigeria, Islamists think nothing of seizing hundreds of schoolgirls for the crime of aspiring to an education. Here in the United States, the educated class thinks nothing of denying an honorary degree to a fearless Muslim woman who at peril of her life, and in the name of liberal democracy, has insisted on exposing such outrages to the light. The struggle for freedom is universal; would that our universities were on its side.
Indeed. It would be nice to have the US State Department on the side of freedom as well!

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