Thursday, May 01, 2014

Climate Change Proves Totalitarianism

20 Years of Winter Cooling Defy Global Warming Claims:

For THOUSANDS of years, talking about the weather was a perfectly safe form of innocuous conversation for humans. I'd argue that it was maybe THE safest most common form of conversation:
  • Food could get you into trouble politically in the tribe based on the success, non-success of hunts, division of food, who cooked well, not well, etc. 
  • Fleeing/Fighting no doubt had their own political and relational perils ... constant issues both within and without the tribe. Why are you bringing this up? You trying to start/break alliance, criticize Gog over Magog, etc?
  • F**king -- no doubt lots of conversation done on this, but lots different outside of sexes, have to be clear on family and "other" unknown relationships ... fraught with peril.
So, there was ALWAYS the weather -- until Al Gore and the Warmists showed up and had to politicize that!

MAYBE we invented our way out of it a BIT with Sport, but given the Redskins, Braves, Fighting Sioux, etc, I'm far from sure.

Our Founders lived at the wonderful time when an intelligent man could pretty much "know all that was knowable", and I'd argue that even up to the Cilvil War, there was FAR more WISDOM about what was actually USEFUL to know vs mere detail that is more noise than anything.

When man loses his way, he becomes in the immortal words of Edmund Burke, "As the flies of summer", and indeed far less, since man is a spiritual creature and seeks to do more than mere breeding -- he seeks to pass on some of his (and history's) hard earned wisdom to succeeding generations so that humans can RISE toward SPIRITUAL IMPROVEMENT rather than sink deeper into the slime of fools.

So as we shiver on in our late late spring for the 2nd year in a row, not even the weatherman will really talk much about how cold it is, how gray it is, the lack of severe weather, or much else that could move them to the "denier" bucket, which is almost in "racist" territory ... could you be banned from watching the Twins for being a "Denier"?

This AM I heard a new one at about 31 min into a tornado discussion where the host had just started pushing on the "obvious climate change connection"

Paul Hutner, their meteorologist suggests that "Climate Change" predicts that ONLY THE POLES WARM ... the mid-latitudes cool, so there ought to be LESS storms" (what we are seeing). This is the first I've heard this --- certainly not during MANY discussions about hot summers, warm winters like 2012, it being cold (or warm) ELSEWHERE when local conditions seemed to not mesh with the "proven science".  A cursory look didn't net any other sources on this, but it strikes me as so in keeping with the way that the "Global Warming / Climate Change"chimera shifts, I'll be waiting for THAT view to become "currently settled science".

The meaning of TOTALITARIANISM is that the government / cultural power structure has TOTAL sway over your life -- what you think, say, who you associate with, what your world view is, if you can go to a ballgame, EVERYTHING.

So, once the weather has been subsumed by the political sphere, it seems to me that we are officially totalitarian -- the only issue is one of more complete forced compliance. Which, given NSA, IRS, private surreptitious taping being used against people, enforcement by mass media mob, etc we are already WELL down that path as well.

Oh, and the little linked article is pretty good ... I've personally heard the "pine borer myth" MANY times on trips out west as well as media sources. People WANT to believe what they hear (see my stupidly believing in HOT AND DRY for the SW as I headed out this spring). Since we WANT to believe, when we see something like lots of fires, trees killed by certain bugs, it is completely natural for us to jump to "it MUST be due to CLIMATE CHANGE!".  At one time, when science was never settled and real diversity of thought was valued, usually somebody would point out how yet again we had fallen prey to finding a pattern where there isn't one -- but once our freedom of thought has been heavily curtailed,

I'd argue a study of HISTORY is at least equally important as the study of science ... otherwise we are doomed to see a lot of Lysenkos in our totalitarian state.

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