Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cultural Euthanasia : Killing Memes, Amherst

History of biological warfare - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Ran into a cultural meme being spread in our schools that has at least some basis in fact. APPARENTLY (I'm not going to take the time to look into this in detail) some BRITISH forces "knowingly" used blankets exposed to smallpox to purposely kill Indians. (the germ theory of disease was less well accepted than Global Warming currently is in the 17th-18th centuries, so "knowingly" is a stretch).

The meme is being spread in our schools as "AMERICANS purposely used exposure to smallpox to exterminate Indians". It came out as a "defense" of Islam's 9-11 attack and the potential of Islam using germ warfare against the West (possibly after having developed an antidote to either covertly inoculate their people a-priori, or to at least partially do so).

A few points need to be made:

  • ALL people and cultures are at best a MIX of "good and evil". 
  • Current media, past media, historians, educators, etc "pick and choose" what small percentage of the myriad of available "facts", "stories", "myths", "folk wisdom", "dreams", "analysis", etc will be poured into the mush that young people have to use as brains. 
  • Current Arab schooling includes teaching their kids that "the Holocaust is a myth", along with the superiority of Islam, the Arab world view, the abuses heaped on their people by the Jews, the West, etc. 
  • We actually USED to revere our Founders, the Constitution, even Columbus, "Western Civilization", Christianity, and the "American Dream". (how nasty of us!) 
  • "Accuracy" in culture is and always will be WAY less settled than something simple like "Is the planet warming or cooling, and for extra credit, why?". 
  • "Success" and "Accuracy" in things like culture have a very low, and possibly negative correlation. The same is true of individuals -- virtually everyone thinks that they are an above average driver, have above average intelligence, etc, AND it turns out that people with those very natural human beliefs turn out to be happier, better adjusted, have more friends, live longer, etc than those who have more "rational" (statistically valid) beliefs about their driving, intelligence, looks, etc. 
I find it questionable if any culture in human history has been so quick to pull out the negative cultural meme weapon, point it directly at their most vulnerable cultural location (their kids), turn it on "auto", and initiate steady fire at their own culture and country! 

In the thousands of years of human history there are many thousands of incidents of absolutely abominable pieces of behavior by individuals, tribes, religions, countries, areas, etc. On balance, one would have a very difficult time finding a nation that is on balance "BETTER" than at least the US was historically, and would have ZERO trouble finding thousands and thousands of WORSE cases ... this BTW includes treatment of "indigenous peoples" (see Genghis Khan for just one example) and slavery (See past and current Africa, current sex slavery, etc) . 

The aggressive euthanization of American culture by the left has to stand as the greatest destruction of a civilization since the Roman Empire! Perhaps once we turned to our own Holocaust of mass abortion of our most vulnerable, our suicide was just a matter of time. If you will willingly and legally kill your unborn, perhaps poisoning the minds of your youth is just par for the course.

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