Monday, May 12, 2014

Gestapo Fails to Get Walker

George Will: Wisconsin prosecutors abuse the law for partisan ends - The Washington Post:

TP (formerly Democrats) were using their enforcement arm, the Gestapo (formerly US "justice" system) in a naked ruse to harass, and if they got lucky, destroy Scott Walker. Walker, governor of WI is one of the last Americans to SUCCESSFULLY (for the moment) take on TP and it's Government Workers wing relative to the issue of the State Government being used as bag man to collect Party funds from TP members working for the government in unions.

So Walker has faced a recall effort plus all forms of legal and illegal harassment from the propaganda wing in the MSM as well as efforts like the one covered here for TP to hopefully destroy him, but at least send a STRONG cautionary message to others about what happens if you dare to take on TP!

Here is a nice summary from the article of a significant mission of major parts of the TP apparatus in all branches of government including "justice", as well as MSM and the "education" system:
The purpose of all this was to suppress conservative political advocacy by consuming the time and other resources of conservative leaders, and by making people wary of collaborating with those targeted by a secretive criminal investigation.
"Suppression of conservative political advocacy" as well as conservatives in general and conservative thought in all forms is pretty much the MAIN mission of TP. Naturally they claim it is "helping people", but "people" are TP members and voters (legal, illegal, dead, or imaginary) in their lexicon, and conservatives are "targets" for the NSA, IRS, "justice" system, regulatory systems, or just harassment and hopefully  destruction.

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