Thursday, May 08, 2014

IBM Hursley, Places I've Been "In the News"

IBM Hursley Park: Where Big Blue buries the past, polishes family jewels • The Register:

Well, the slow day tech news at least. Somehow IBM Hursley was a place on my travel itinerary from the late '80s right up to the end of my career  for at least 5 trips I loved the big fat pheasants from the area, the little pubs, the "minces" at Christmas, and the myriad of accents.

The early April trip in the late '80s with a week of superb weather and a couple short excursions including Portsmouth where the "Ark Royal" British carrier was in port and London to see Parliament, Westminster, Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square in like "an hour"  ... the life of a business traveller --  "I was there". Well, sorta.

We almost always stayed right next to Winchester Cathedral at the "Wessex" ... I remember walking over there early in the AM before we headed into work and just being in awe of the age, the scale, the more than 100 year building schedule. The breakfasts were pretty good --  great sausage and bacon. Never got fully used to the baked beans or cooked tomatoes for breakfast. Oh, and on one trip the bartender (Chinese) at the Wessex had idea how to make a Martini! So much for "shaken, not stirred".

The little Dolphin Inn Pub right in Hursley Park is a classic, and it was there that I got to have "Doom Bar" beer on tap!

Oh, and the memory of being in all day business meetings, jet lagged to the max having just the devil of a time staying awake!

I do recall that we wandered through the museum the last time I was there in 2011 -- so at least "The Register" part of the MSM occasionally tells the truth!

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