Friday, May 02, 2014

Kochs Donate $40M More than Anyone! Wake Up Sheeple!

Evil Koch Brothers Rank 59th in Political Donations, ActBlue 1st - PolitiSite:

Oh, oops ... I meant "ActBlue" ... on their site they are proudly showing that they are about to go over $500M raised since '04! now, so things must REALLY be going well for them!!  Hear anyone in the MSM concerned about ActBlue???

If you look at "Heavy Hitters",  Koch's are #59 with $18M, ActBlue is #1 with a mere $101M, $40M ahead of the 2nd place $61M given by AFSCME American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees" ... guess what, they give 99% Democrat too!!!

Got that??? The top donor, Democrat, gives $40M more than  the next donor at the top of the list, ALSO a Democratic donor!!! The Koch's TOTAL since '89 is less than $20M, less than 50% of the DIFFERENCE between the top two donors on the list that are BOTH DEMOCRATS!

Who do we hear about and who do we NEVER hear about??? Why is it that sometimes the American people are referred to as "Sheeple"???

Because we don't get smart and interested enough to rise up and scream, WHAT IS GOING ON!!!!  AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!! At least change the channel!!!

How can there NOT be enough of us MAD AS HELL on:
  1. The constant decline in the economy / jobs / competitiveness
  2. The disaster called BOcare
  3. Surrender as a foreign policy -- I dunno, is it even THAT coherent???
  4. General media that is treats us like idiots, but we keep proving that they are RIGHT!!!! 
  5. Freezing but being willing to be told that we are having too much hot weather! 
  6. Political Correctness gone so far beyond ridiculous that it seems we are in an alternate universe (this is one that I'm starting to actually wonder about??!) 
  7. "Take another toke" as a reasonable solution. Remember when they complained about W being "Don't Worry Be Happy" when growth was 4%+, deficit was < $200B, and gas was < $2.50 a gal, and of course "he was an idiot" for saying that things were not so bad!


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