Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Liberalism's Wet Kiss

Liberalism and the NBA locker room | Power Line:

Couple of good descriptive quotes here on understanding "liberalism", which in the modern 1984 tradition of course is really totalitarianism, because our words now often mean the opposite of what they once did.

Actually you can, and have it make perfect sense once you understand that modern liberalism isn’t about inclusiveness or preventing people from being offended. Modern liberalism has established a pecking order in which the rights and feelings of some groups trump the rights and feelings of others (often women), and in which the feelings of the group Wise belongs to are irrelevant.
Modern "liberalism" -- totalitarianism, is about POWER. Power to select what is right, wrong, appropriate, inappropriate, etc and to MAKE YOU CARE! Once, morality was a function of Religion, and that worked because the entire social structure, which was following the natural law also enforced morality. God was top, Government was next, the tribe/group/parish, Dad / Grandpa on the fathers side in the family and then you -- from cradle to the point you were the family patriarch if you were a male of certain order, to grave if not.

Sexist yes, but as the civilization crumbles around us, at least Christians will eventually understand that the whole thing was wired to work that way by the creator from Adam and Eve. We know Christianity will survive, because the Church and the Word will stand. But if I'm wrong and it was all due to accident on top of accident to the 10 to the 100th or more without any meaning? Well, then it is all meaningless anyway. I'm thankful that all that randomness generated a religion that counting Judaism and Christianity together lasted 5K+ years so I could have that supremely unlikely "illusion of meaning"! Wow, I really beat the odds!

ANYONE doing a wet kiss in public ala Michael Sam was always somewhat cringe-worthy.  A same sex couple (especially men, humans have always been loaded with biological double standards) doing it was disgusting at a visceral level, and recognized as so.  As modern brain researchers now know, even for the supposed "enlightened", it actually still is! Even the "enlightened" (subservient?) have to fight their impulse (we can watch it on a brain scan), put there by their creator (or millions of years of evolution, take your pick, it is there) to try their best to fit in with what the current power structure is telling them they MUST do!

This is the level of totalitarianism of the Holocaust! They can FORCE us to go against nature in order for us to be part of their power structure!  You WILL ignore the killing of the Jews or two males wet kissing or you WILL pay the price! Pay no attention to the fact you KNOW in your gut and soul that it is wrong! They  DEMAND that we obey the new order! Sig Heil!

Once we buy into this, we are OWNED, since we have suppressed our natural God-given internal compass and are then sheep waiting for direction from our masters!  We are already bowing down to our new lords as we force ourselves to stay silent as the bile rises in our very gut! We accept our spot in the pecking order. Gay, very high. Black, right up there. Woman, pretty darned good, even if white.

Republican? If Black, you have committed complete social suicide! Same for women. DON'T THINK THAT WAY!

White male -- so low that you can only get along if you follow complete subservience to the totalitarian demands.  Step out of line even so much that you question BO, or music in an NBA locker than says the Nword, and you may be validly ostracized by any with sanction from THE PARTY! (Sig Heil!)

Christian? Well, you have to be "the right kind" -- and VERY silent when it comes to the "gay issue". That one has become a true litmus test, and we will see it used to attack churches and individuals who refuse to fully bow to the new overlords for years to come. The process of defining just how deep you must bow to THE PARTY is still being fully defined, but I think the outlines are very clear.

Once you are willing to go against what you know in your own soul to be right and wrong, you are LOST at a new level beyond what we are all lost without Christ.We were once "One Nation under God", now we are a pitiful set of interest groups fighting over scraps of nothing as our nation and culture collapses around us.

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