Friday, May 16, 2014

Paying BO Works! GM $35 Million vs Toyota $1.2 Billion

GM to pay maximum $35 million fine for recall delay:

As I pointed out back in only March, I was pretty certain that GM CEO Mary Berra being a regular BO contributor and sitting with the First Lady at the SOTU was a good sign that GM would do MUCH better in the government intervention into their arguably much more serious and longer standing safety/recall issue than Toyota. There are lots of things you can do when your car starts "suddenly accelerating" (turn off the key, shove it in neutral, stand on the brake to name a few ...) ... when the key falls out, the column locks, and the engine goes dead on a corner at 60? Not so long a list!

WOW, was I right, and QUICK! I would have thought that BO and company would at least want to drag this puppy out until after this November, but I guess this is a solid indicator of just how much TP (THE Party, Democrat and MSM cronies) have the information cycle fully locked up. I suppose the other side is when you are shaking down your contributors, it is good to point out how well you take care of those that pay the man!

I can't even imagine the kind of legal fees this saved GM ... likely close to the amount of the Toyota settlement. Those lawyers like to GET PAID! ... and they have every right to it, they run the show as president, legislators, courts, and both sides of every legal dispute! Sweet! It makes the Mob seem like a bunch of schleps! They can only rough up or kill their adversaries ILLEGALLY, lawyers can take their money, jail them and even have them executed LEGALLY! Hey, it USED to be a free country, but we gave our liberties to the lawyers and now they have their way with us.

So how effective are well placed campaign contributions? Well in this case, unless Mary and company spent over $1.2B greasing BOs palms, they made out like BANDITS, because even not counting legal fees, their hit ought to have put Toyota's $1.2B to shame! Instead, they walk away with hardly a corporate "eye roll" at $35M!

Way to go GM! Bidness is bidness!

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