Thursday, May 15, 2014

Regulating the Internet, "Net Neutrality" Rears it's Head

GOP lawmakers urge FCC to ditch effort to regulate Internet | Fox News:

The last set of rules that BO's FCC tried to slither through was struck down in January, but like the Terminator, they're back!

The FCC will hold a preliminary vote on the rules at Thursday's meeting. Wheeler aims to have a set of rules in place by year's end. An earlier set of rules from 2010 was struck down by an appeals court in January after Verizon challenged them.
We see the fundamental motion of the rise of totalitarianism here -- "Progressivism" is simply "More Government Control" ... it is about POWER for the elites and  TP "The Party" (really very very close to one in the same at this point). 

Al Franken has been EXTREMELY excited about "Net Neutrality" since shortly after he oozed into office with a margin of 315 freshly manufactures votes.

Neutral to whom"? Well, whoever "the government" increasingly TP (The Party ... Democrat") decides to be "neutral" to, since all the power all the time in agencies like the FCC, IRS, NSA, etc  is with TP, because all the workers are good AFSCME union folks. It gives TP a lot of benefit -- kickbacks to guys like Al, the ability to "help their folks" to make things "look right" from TP perspective, and eventually, if they are careful and crafty, control of the information content of the web!

Google and Wiki only and always bring you a view of "facts" completely sanctioned by TP! To Franken, Nirvana! No more embarrassing YouTubes of BO being the fool, no more charts that show Global Warming to be questionable at best, no more comparisons of BO's job record with Reagan's ... why, everyone would get along perfectly! Even better, if they don't, they "disappear" and if you look them up, they never existed!

Ending the USSR and giving America a 30 year economic 2nd chance were both HUGE things that Reagan accomplished, but being able to rescind "the fairness doctrine" may have been in the long run the biggest actual piece of hope he gave America. It gave rise to conservative talk radio and Fox News -- the opposition being able to be heard in mass media, which was GIGANTIC for children being aware that there were other ways of looking at the world than those sanctioned by TP through it's education system and once it's fully controlled media! I for one essentially didn't know such a thing as "conservatism" as anything but pure evil even existed until I stumbled on to National Review and Ayn Rand AFTER college.

But TP is relentless -- it wants Fox and Talk Radio shut down, and it wants the net to become "neutral" -- basically regulated to be another propaganda wing, SLOWLY of course! Don't want the sheep to get started!

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