Thursday, May 22, 2014

Republicans Aren't American

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This latest screech from Dean the Scream hasn't got all that much coverage -- likely so that the next time some Republican says something "uncivil", THAT can be reported to show how nasty the "right wing" is.

A couple points:
  • Roosevelt points out "fascist", which of course is LEFT wing (National SOCIALIST Party, aka Nazi). He would have been more accurate having found himself a mirror, not that accuracy was ever one of his considerations. 
  • None of the modern Republicans, even the Tea Party, are all that "right wing", meaning "small government". Sure, they don't want all healthcare to be less desirable than current VAcare, they would like to do something about yearly deficits of  close to $1T and they would like to see some sort of plan to make the current unfunded liability of $60T+ for FICA and Medicare square up eventually. Yes, that is what one calls "radical" these days, but it is FAR from anything that could even be imagined as "limited government".
So the latest Dean Scream will be mostly ignored in the press and the next time a Republican says anything less then fully worshipful of his holiness BO, they will be labeled "racist and reactionary" ... or just plain crazy.

Welcome to what used to be "America", 2014 edition.

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