Thursday, May 22, 2014

Thank Fox News Obama is Aware (Now)

White House says Obama only learned of VA wait-list scandal on TV (just like the IRS, Fast and Furious and reporter snooping scandals) | Mail Online:

I can't verify that the specific source for BO to find out about all these scandals was Fox, but let's face it, the rest of the MSM isn't very interested on reporting on anything that doesn't reflect positively on the Great and Powerful BO!

So he discovered the VA situation by listening to the news as well as the IRS scandal, DoJ seizing reporters phone records and his own plane doing low passes over Manhattan ! Those are the ones that he PUBLICLY CLAIMS  he "only saw on the news".

It is very hard to even remotely imagine what kind of a massive joke a Republican president who constantly "only heard it on the news" would be.

Perhaps the government ought to send Fox the same amount  of subsidy they send Public TV and radio considering how ill informed our chief executive would apparently be without Fox!

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