Friday, May 16, 2014

The BO Retreat Progresses

 China defiant as US warns over sea row with Vietnam - Channel NewsAsia:

Both nature and nations deplore a vacuum, so it doesn't stay around long.

The current Socialist States of Obama is reminiscent of the old Superman movie where Superman decides to give up his exceptional abilities to get the girl, and of course gets beat up, plus no longer able to save the world -- duh.

Russia, Syria, China, Iran,  ... and no doubt Pakistan,  Saudi Arabia, and lots of more minor players ... eg Venezuela are all feeling like it is "Power Christmas", and there will be more. The US is right where BO wants us -- in the prison yard in pretty pink shorts holding our ankles. Will we be "loved"? Well, in once sense of the word, certainly!

Needless to say, many around the world and here at home are currently very happy about the prostration of the US. BO is obviously pleased -- "The Dreams from His Father" is nearly fully achieved. A once great nation has been brought low. That is an achievement that any "Citizen of the World" is sure to be proud of. We were mean to Indians and Blacks, we clearly deserve whatever treatment we get!

At least we don't have to be concerned about the eternal question of "will they respect us in the morning".

Don't worry, they don't.

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