Sunday, May 04, 2014

"The Party" (TP) -- Sargent Schultz Defense (SSD)

Sargent Schultz - I know nothing, I am not here - I did not even get up this morning! - YouTube:

I can't go too nuts with the acronyms, but the latest Benghazi revelations with TP slipping into what I think of as the "Sargent Schultz Defense" --- "I know NOTHING, I hear NOTHING!!".

This is a defense not available to Non-TP, because the IMMEDIATE response from TP (especially their MSM propaganda arm) is "There are two choices, 1). They are lying or 2). They are "incompetent" ... because a Non-TP executive is NOT allowed to "not know".

Such a defense by a Non-TP ALWAYS means that they are either grossly incompetent, or lying ..., and most likely BOTH!

Ah the old TV shows.  Hogan's Heroes was a lot of fun -- but as the US starts to look more and more like Stalag 13 with leadership only a little less competent than Schultz, Klink, Burkhalter, and Hochstetter, but far more nasty, one begins to wonder who really won that war!
We could use some guys like Colonel Hogan and his wily men!

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