Sunday, May 04, 2014

TP Administration Immunity

Why There Is No Cure for the GOP's Benghazi Fever | Mother Jones:
But as we know now, the CIA and the State Department took the lead in fashioning the talking points. A year ago, the release of internal White House emails about the drafting of the talking points clearly showed there had been no White House effort to shape the narrative in a devious manner
The linked article is rather long look at the TP (The Party) view that being TP means never having to be investigated. Why would you investigate the good guys? Our founders firmly believed the dictum that "power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely", so they were intent to limit ALL power before it had any hopes of even closing on absolute. So "investigations" were ALWAYS in order!

TP believes that they are virtuous -- by nature. No need to investigate virtue, let alone try to claim that the executive of the nation, BO is responsible in any way for bad things that might be done at State, CIA, or Defense for that matter. "The Sargent Schultz Defense" is all they need!

Naturally, as in all cases, TP is completely consistent on this -- I remember has the NYT ran something like 40 days straight coverage  on Abu Ghraib, they were constantly pointing out how "this was a Defense Department issue".  I can't recall, was W even mentioned? Likewise, the entire "extraordinary rendition" program with waterboarding was a CIA activity, so W was completely out of the picture. Remember that?

Now during Reagan, we had a HUGE investigation called "Iran Contra" that actually continued on under HWB, where the WHOLE purpose was "pin the tail on the WH" -- the operation was Defense and CIA and they kept saying that -- in fact, I can swear I heard the old "Fish rots from the head" a couple times -- but I guess that only applies if the "head" is not TP! (virtue and all that).  

Oh, we won't talk about how "critical" it was so have an investigation of W because some CIA "secret agent" that commuted to Langley every day might have been "outed". Driving into Langley every day is what the modern CIA calls "Deep Cover".

 In the unlikely event that a Non-TP president ever sneaks into office again, I think TP will name a Special Prosecutor on day 1 -- I mean there has to be SOMETHING that was done wrong if a Non-TP gets into the WH!

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