Thursday, May 22, 2014

VAcare, BOcare? Are We Oblivious?

The Scandal at the VA Is Real, and Obama Is Ducking It - The Daily Beast:

There seems to be a certain lack of ability to make the obvious connection here. I thought we already had government health care for millions of our most honored, our veterans. I thought it was called the VA?

Isn't the VA an example of totally government managed health care that is SUPPOSED to be especially GOOD because it is provided to our veterans who risked their lives in defense of the nation and often suffered horrible wounds and other medical problems as a result???

Please tell me I'm wrong here, but if the VA, which has been around since the Civil War is so bad and so corrupt that 40+ veterans have DIED on the waiting list while the agency is busily trying to cover up how bad things are, while the erstwhile supposed leader of our nation finds out about problems on the NEWS,  what would the expectation of BOcare be??

I believe that anyone with their eyes open at all can already see. Constant delays in even getting a marginally operational website, sign ups well below projections, millions of people losing the healthcare they already had, costs way above projections, portions of the program delayed, and constant unconstitutional shifts in the law by executive fiat.  The list of woe is ALREADY is long and very nasty.

The VA has been around for 150 years! These problems are NOT "startup pains", they are part and parcel of bloated and out of control government bureaucracy that are well understood and have happened in EVERY government since at least the Roman Empire and were a SIGNIFICANT reason that America was founded with LIMITED GOVERNMENT. The list of things that government does "well" is pretty much "National defense, a common currency and a system of laws to protect private property and individual rights"!!

There are a number of reasons why limiting government is a VERY good thing!:
  1. It produces vastly substandard quality of service
  2. It is vastly more expensive
  3. It is not responsive and in fact spends the majority of it's time covering it's failures and general corruption. 
  4. It's primary function is GROWTH of itself and consolidation of it's power. 
  5. Ultimately, unchecked government results in totalitarian control and/or the destruction of the nation that was so foolish to believe yet again in the siren song of "more stuff for me with someone else picking up the tab".
Folks, this is not rocket science! It ALWAYS happens! Maybe later, maybe it seems "hidden" (like the USSR for 70 years), but look at our balance sheet, look at what is happening over and over (IRS, NSA, Benghazi, Gun Runner, journalist records, etc). All we have to do is have our eyes open and THINK for OURSELVES just a TINY bit! Ignore the MSM weasels, they are just the propaganda arm of the Democrat Party (TP "The Party") anyway!

It seems that it is too late. Are neither we or our tiny remaining adversary media able to look at VAcare and BOcare and make the OBVIOUS connection!

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