Thursday, May 29, 2014

When TP (The Party) Attacks, You Are to SHUT U{P!

Reporters Shocked When Their Targets Talk Back | Power Line:

What TP (The Party, Democrat) hates the WORST about the Koch brothers! When you are slandered and attacked you are to SHUT UP! and the Koch brothers have the unmitigated gall to FIGHT BACK!

Our education and media system works long and hard in "the public service" to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that if you don't tow the party line they will take your NBA team, your job and your reputation! You will be friendless and ostracized -- the IRS, NSA or other agency will be forced to go after you! You MUST SHUT UP!

Are people daft? If TP can't control people by "civil means", the US will be FORCED to go the same way as every other totalitarian government in history -- people like the Kochs are a THREAT TO AMERIKA! Are people too foolish to realize that if this "Fascism with a smiley face" doesn't work, TP is going to have to put some people down by "stronger means" .... clearly for the good of "all of us"!

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