Saturday, June 14, 2014

An Atheist On Athesim

An atheist explains the real consequences of adopting an atheistic worldview | Wintery Knight:

I think this Atheist does a pretty honest assessment of where Atheists are at philosophically, but often don't want to admit.  All is purposeless accident, so attempts to create any sort of a "reasonable rules of logic or behaviour" are just wishful thinking. Reason? Why should a random universe be "reasonable"? What does "reason" even mean? For that matter, what is "meaning"? Some random human brain fart that might be "adaptive" for some random evolutionary period? As he points out, making babies with somebody elses wife and even killing her husband is just as "moral" in an Atheist universe as any other action that one might on a whim decide to take. What part of "no morals" did you fail to understand?

Certainly, Atheists try to gain converts just like any other religion, so they do their best to "dress up their faith". Their faith that there ISN'T an ultimate power that may find their blatant rejection of some pretty significant power beyond "man being the measure of all things" to be significantly on the hubristic side. God gives them every opportunity, including dying in human form to show he exists and he loves them, but he also gives free will. It is a gift that can bring great joy in this life and forever, or if used to reject God, the destruction of families, relationships and nations in this life, and ultimately eternal destruction for the Atheist.

In the Atheist world there is no "justice", and the primary faith of the Atheist is that there is no justice in the universe at all, because in their hearts, they know what justice means -- from their point of view, they know it "randomly".

Our founders knew that the US was not possible without a people that believed in God. There can be no "unalienable rights" unless there is a creator to endow those rights. In a Godless universe, all there can ever be is temporary grants from the powerful -- sometimes the masses, sometimes the wealthy, some times those of noble birth, but always whatever "rights" one thinks they have are at the pleasure of the powerful.

America abandoned rule of law to attempt to loot the wealthy for more free stuff for the masses. That looting goes on, but the net result is that the looter generations become less and less oriented to work and responsibility, so the gulf between the lower and upper classes gets larger and larger. The lower find that even with more free stuff -- housing, food, medical care, internet, smart phones, flat screen TVs, etc, their lives are even emptier and more meaningless than before.

Most of that meaninglessness is the turning from God in hopes of being able to indulge whatever lust currently suits the fancy -- gay "marriage", abortion and drugs are major sacraments of the Atheist religion Paganism, the worship of the physical planet, is the state religion, called "environmentalism". We were intended to be stewards on nature, not to worship it -- which is idolatry. The world was made for man, not man for the world.  Zealotry in paganism is common -- total life change in dress, diet, friends, etc. It is highly reminiscent of some hyper "born again" kind of cult, only this is the pagan version.

As Western Civilization dies, this is what we increasingly see around us. Thankfully, we know that Christianity and the Church will stand against this modern onslaught as it has against all those past.  There are no such guarantees for America and the people that fall prey to the hopelessness of Atheism.

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