Thursday, June 26, 2014

BO Amnesty Brings 50K Illegal Children to US

Obama's Amnesty Legislation Misunderstood by Illegal Immigrants—Now DHS Needs Thousands of Pairs of Men’s Briefs for Detained Illegal Immigrant Children - Hit & Run :

So BO semi covertly did his own little amnesty program for children that had been in the US for 5 years as of 2012 -- so this article and the NPR story seem to be missing something obvious that I suspect the smugglers and many of the kids are not.

Say you are "12" now. So when you are "processed", you swear, "I arrived in 2007 with my uncle, I was 5". That certainly isn't a much harder lie than "we lost the emails" or "you can keep your health care".

How would one figure all this out? Are we trying to find Honduran birth certificates? Not that would make any difference -- how do you prove that the kids were NOT in the US in '07? Same way you prove that there are NOT UFOs?

Seems to me that his eminent brilliance BO would have applied some of his gigantic brain to these questions --- but my belief is that this is just peachy with him. Tens of thousands of underage new wards of the state soon to become voters in formerly red states like TX and AZ. Win!

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