Sunday, June 15, 2014

BO Cuts the Cheese

Obama likens denying climate change to thinking the moon is made of cheese - The Washington Post:

Just because you stink is certainly no reason that you can't stink worse!

BO is so knowledgeable -- he said that he had Al Quaeda on the run, and indeed he does -- straight to Baghdad and the establishment of an "International State of Iraq and Syria"  (ISIS) to further destabilize the mideast.

He recently traded 1 deranged anti-American deserter for 5 top notch terrorists -- mostly to get the news that his VA management is so bad that veterans are dying droves from delayed and substandard care. Oh, and we are to believe that his IRS "lost" emails, even though they are required by law to have multiple levels of backup. So who is going to jail then?

"Denying" what the Government / Climate Industry axis of funding and shakedowns has decreed is "science" is like saying that the moon is made of cheese! Wow! Nuggies on you!  BO is pretty much in grade school on that sort of a comment -- perhaps the more slow learner side of grade school.

This emperor is not only naked, he is naked and baby bubbling incoherent, snotty, soiled and wetting himself. As far as he can tell, there is no universe outside of his private BO stench bubble, so he just bumbles on.

Certainly, the fallen over in the left ditch media will do it's best to keep up the charade, but we are now past the point where even dedicated fabrication can't hide the disaster. Oil shock happening, self induced coal shock under way, economy in decline, world destabilizing at a rapid rate, corruption, scandal, incompetence, all gathering speed.

At this point in the W administration "The Party" (TP) with huge help of their propaganda wing in the MSM was able to use Katrina (of ALL things, it seems completely unbelievable) and Iraq to swing congress to their side. The country still rolled on for over a year after Harry and Nancy effectively took over the wheel on all but Iraq, and then it crashed miserably -- naturally, "all due to W". When you put TP in charge of 2 branches, there is no way they bear any responsibility for any problems!

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