Monday, June 16, 2014

Carter's Economy, Nixon's Excuses

The Dog Ate My E-Mails, for Two Years | National Review Online:

The DejaVu factor for those of us that lived through the '70s is huge, the title of the post, buried in the column sums it up extremely well.

While there was never any EVIDENCE that Nixon ordered the Watergate break-in, the infamous 18.5 min gap looked beyond suspicious, and coupled with the fact that Nixon was TRYING to go after enemies with the IRS (but failing), there were lots of things for people not to like -- oh, and he had a dark complexion and seemed "shifty", characteristics that were fine to go after him on, because he was after all a white R!

As this article covers, there no technical way that those e-mails were lost, and in fact, in private companies, somebody would be eating off a tin tray if they were --"spoilation of evidence". Seemed like every year or so we got some notice at IBM that we had to produce all e-mails, documentation, etc on some piece of technology we had built because somebody was fishing for patent infringement. Being able to "produce all e-mail" is WELL UNDERSTOOD!

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