Saturday, June 14, 2014

Ice Still Floating Around Lake Superior

June icebergs still roaming Lake Superior | Updraft | Minnesota Public Radio News:

Couple of nice pics and the obligatory "nothing to do with Climate Change!". I'm quite certain that Warmists will be looking at a continental glacier a mile thick and saying "on average, it is getting warmer!".

I keep having this contrarian thought that the sun is the primary determinant of earth's temperature, and our ability to fully understand solar "climate" is even more flawed than our ability to understand earth's climate. This article suggests a 1 degree C drop by 2020 based on solar activity. No doubt, depending on what "base period" you decide to use (NOAA used 1981-2010), the data could still claim it is "in the top 10 warmest" ... as will the year that the ice sheet takes out Minneapolis will no doubt be!

In the meantime, please remember that when the Great Lakes were warm, THAT was absolutely significant proof of Global Warming,!  "Settled science" operates very much like religion!

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