Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Iraq, Given a Time Machine and Omniscience

The “givens” of Iraq | Power Line:

I get a bit peeved at the displays of Monday morning QBing that have hung around far too long, often accompanied with sanctimoniousness that is very unbecoming. George Will is smart enough to know better, but he too is proof that brains are never enough. Some good grace is required too.

I really think the primary W problem was his Christianity, and the fact that he is a far better Christian than I. He never counterattacked against his political adversaries as a Slick, BO, or even Reagan would do. He would always try to  make a reasoned argument, and since he read off a teleprompter far less well than BO .. or certainly Slick or Reagan, it fell flat, and his adversaries were certainly MORE than willing to take MAXIMUM advantage of that.

It seems absolutely incredible that a anyone EVER questioned W's motives. He wrote no anti-colonialist books, didn't hang out with any bombers of buildings, didn't sit in any "God damn America" church at all, and his family tree was a totally open book. He served honorably in the National Guard flying fighter jets, which is "safe service" only in the drug addled imagination of some far lefty. What exactly did they believe that he stood to "gain" by "leading the country to the wrong war under false pretenses"? When we went to war, something like 85% of the population was in favor, all the leadership from both parties including wide margin votes in both houses, plus the Pentagon and the CIA and every world power KNEW that Saddam had WMD.

As has been heavily celebrated in the MSM, "we didn't find them". We may well never find the Lois Lerner e-mails, the missing time on the Watergate tapes,  Amelia Earhart or Malaysian flight  371 but it is a real stretch to claim they never existed on the basis of not finding them. A bunch of dead Kurds from the '80s were pretty damned sure they existed.

I think Power Line did a great job of bringing a bit of "non-omniscient, perfect time machine knowledge" to the party here and it is worth a read. The teaser, to which I'd add, "and what about Mubarak"?
JOHN adds: When people pose “what if” questions about Iraq, they generally assume that if we had done nothing, Iraq in 2014 would look like Iraq in 2003. But that is almost certainly false. Why would Saddam have been any more secure against the tide of Islamic extremism than Assad?

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