Monday, June 02, 2014

Problems With Atheism

Paul Wallace: The Real Problem With Atheism:

I don't hugely disagree with much in the linked column, but it also isn't really aligned with my primary problems with Atheism:

  1. Hubris -- There isn't a more narcissistic hubristic bombastic statement that a tiny, mortal, stupid, smelly human can make than "there is no God".  Death will certainly fix all those problems, and even a momentary reflection on that level of hubris makes one understand the sad reality of why Hell exists. Freedom is never free, and free will has ultimate consequences. 
  2. Hopelessness -- We and all those we love die. There is no way to prove or disprove an afterlife. I believe that without God there is no love, and the desire of Atheists to do away with the hope to see those that they supposedly love in an afterlife comes close to a proof that without God there is no real love. 
  3. Purposelessness -- Without a creator there can be no purpose. We and all we see happened through complete random chance and is utterly without purpose. As Shakespeare said in Macbeth: “Life ... is a tale. Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing.” In such a universe, nothing ultimately matters -- which calls trusting an Atheist into question. 
  4. Truthless -- One of the names of Christ is Truth. We humans are never trustworthy, even under pain of death and hell, BUT, there is some pretty good historical evidence that a belief in a higher power and ultimate punishment improves the odds of truth and trust SOME (and in this life, that is as good as it gets). Even if it doesn't, the humility, the hope for an ultimate future, the belief that this really does all have reason for being and we are part of that plan helps make believers better bets to trust (still sorry bets, but BETTER). This is one reason that I sincerely hope that we never sink so low as to even consider an Atheist for president! 
  5. Destructive -- Human civilization clawed it's way up from the Hobbesian swamp of "Nasty, Brutish and Short" over thousands of years at great cost. What we see in the West is a direct result of Judaeo - Christian Religion melded with Greek Philosophy. The 20th Century saw the breakout of the great Atheist Humanistic "isms" --- Communism and Fascism, resulting in the killing of hundreds of millions of people. Without God there is no "Natural Law", there is no "These truths are self-evident" ... there is no Truth, no Purpose, no Meaning, no Love.

    But death, there is LOTS of death because Atheists tend to attack and destroy. One doesn't need to spend much time reading or listening to them to hear their nasty sneering derision of believers, often times directed even more strongly at (soon to be former) friends or family members that they know will be hurt especially badly by it. Why not? It is a hopeless, purposeless, truthless, loveless nasty universe in which all that ultimately counts is the hubristic and narcissistic view of the atheist. There will be no ultimate judgment of their actions in their view, so why not try to beat the "false" hope, truth, love, etc out of those  "believers"? 

We humans always worship something. God is the worship of "that greater than which can not be imagined" -- truth, love, wisdom, hope, beauty, kindness, humility.

Atheism is very sad, but perhaps even sadder are the prayers of believers for those they love lost to this spiritual cancer. 

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