Sunday, June 15, 2014

The White Hot Center of Power

Eric Cantor’s Defeat Exposed a Beltway Journalism Blind Spot -

The NYTs is doing a bit of navel gazing following he Cantor takedown, always an interesting spectacle to observe, and sometimes a little truth slips out as they do such a thing.
 "The same forces that keep politicians penned up within a few blocks of Pennsylvania Avenue work on journalists as well. No one wants to stray from the white-hot center of power for fear of being stuck in some forsaken locale when something big happens in Washington — which is why it has become one of the most overcovered places on earth."
Indeed, Washington IS DEFINITELY the "White Hot Center of Power" to The Party and it's minions in the MSM. It is also FAR too much so for the Republican Party, which Cantor discovered. The Tea Party movement is about exactly that, giving power back to WE THE PEOPLE. It has been heavily maligned as "racist", but BO being an arrogant narcissistic Washington power grabber is what the problem is. His being black is meaningless ... Clarence Thomas, Alan West, Mia Love, Thomas Sowell, Condoleeza Rice etc, etc are all black as well, but it is the left, not the right that is going to demonstrate to shut them up. The left is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY about any Black that leaves their very defined thought plantation and thinks on their own!

Certainly physical slavery is terrible, but killing freedom of thought for humans is just as bad and possibly worse. Freedom of spirit and of thought is what defines humans.

"Compromise" to The Party and MSM means more government incrementally forever ... perhaps some negotiation on exactly how much MORE can be called "compromise", but there is ABSOLUTE REFUSAL to allow any reduction at all!

DEcentralization of power was the exceptional magic that was America. The NYTs admits that it is no more, but there ARE Americans that see the danger and are willing to act, so even though the hope is very dim, it yet exists.

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