Monday, June 09, 2014

"Voter" Relocation?

Obama Admin to Dump over 1,000 Illegal Immigrants in AZ This Weekend:

The only plausible reason for not requiring a picture ID to vote is a large scale operation to fix the vote -- we all have either been IDed for many simple tasks -- sending UPS, getting a cell phone, getting a hotel room, getting on a plane, etc, etc.

The ONLY reason that it makes sense to be against ID is that either you KNOW that an honest vote in  this nation would change what is happening IMMENSELY, or you are very worried that it would. I really don't think there are much more than say "10%" of people that actually believe it somehow "restricts the right to vote" -- if it is, then our gullibility factor is already beyond hope.

So what are the mechanisms to get illegal voters to the proper polls? Maybe bussing them in and dropping them in places that the effect is needed?

I can't see how one prevents an underage person from voting when an ID is not required?

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