Monday, June 30, 2014

W Iraq, '07, Don't Expect a Repeat

Voices: Why Awakening II won't save Iraq this time:

Good little column to read and remember when the next big terrorist attack hits. W was far from the perfect President, but he was and is PRO AMERICAN and did his best for what he saw as the best path to safety for our nation, and even the best path that could be obtained for the Iraqi people after escaping a brutal dictator.

Except it really was never about money. It is almost inconceivable Awakening II could get off the ground without Americans there to nurture it. This was not something that was cooked up in Washington, or even Baghdad.
In September 2007, Sattar got a chance to savor his victory. He was invited to meet President George W. Bush when the president visited Anbar province to talk to those who had help turn the province around.

By the fall of '07, The Party (Democrat) and it's media propaganda wing had destroyed the W Presidency using the twin levers of Katrina and Iraq. W however was determined to see Iraq through, so he was willing to listen to options that could make that happen. This was the time that HillBilly was talking about "General BETRAYus" and Harry Reid was saying we had "lost in Iraq". W had been shellacked in the previous years elections and his power to do anything constructive outside of military was close to nil. The nation was already effectively under TP Rule, but the budget for '07 was W's ... the deficit that year would be $165B, then the roof would cave in and America would enter it's existential BO crisis, which we are still suffering. 

Even Jimmuh Carter bowed to reality after inflation went through the roof,  the USSR went into Afghanistan, Iran took the hostages and the ill-conceived  "Jimmy Carter Desert Classic" left our hapless rescue team burning in the desert. The roof largely fell in during '79 and '80, and we were blessed from above with Reagan to restore America. We still had an electorate that was much more Makers than Takers, and they spoke loudly. 

We are now a nation where the outcry of the left after the SCOTUS rules that Christian businesses can't be forced to fund drug induced abortions of our unborn is deafening. "Gay marriage" is a major concern as it was during the death of the Roman Empire. "Income Inequality" is a big issue as the economy shrinks, less and less Americans work, while food and energy prices skyrocket. TP media and the population focuses on some guy that apparently purposely killed his child by leaving her locked in a car, various celebrity meltdowns and of course the latest branding of "Global Warming / Climate Change / Climate Disruption". 

We are more than "lost". By and large the populace is completely clueless and there isn't even a national leader visible with any suggestion of a vision forward. 

God, responsibility, hard work, sacrifice, rewards for success, acceptance that failures and yes, even "wasted effort" is part of growth and forward progress. Celebration of liberty that means "inequality of result", but the only small hope of a return to anything like the America that we were just throwing away seven short years ago. 

People, companies, sports teams, churches, and yes, even nations have a strong propensity to lose their way, often due to the very success they once worked so hard to achieve. It IS possible for them to see their errors and turn around, but right now it is very very hard to see that spirit coming to the fore in America. 

It is a great time to pray for America. 

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