Friday, June 27, 2014

Will BO Listen to SCOTUS?

Government by fiat - The Washington Post:

Of the checks and balances our founders carefully crafted, they were most concerned about the Court which had "neither the power of the sword or purse".  The Court has now stood up and struck down King BO with a couple of rulings. Will he listen?

As the results of his attacks on America become more obvious, his popularity has dropped, but he still has a completely subservient political lapdog in the Democrat Senate and a scared puppy of a Republican House confused by being in their view "attacked from the right" by the Tea Party wanting them to stand up to BO's usurpation of power as well as get spending under some tiny semblance of control.

The House puppy has yipped a bit though and is suing BO over his direct usurpation of the powers of Congress. The lapdog Senate is of course happy with anything it's Master does -- Constitution? Wasn't that recently lost?

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