Monday, July 07, 2014

Barbara, David, Monica, Crime

Barbara Walters, David Letterman have a fascinating conversation about Monica Lewinsky:

It is touching to see that Letterman has a little very late guilt about hammering away on a 21yr old woman taken advantage of at the workplace by a very powerful man. Maybe the "most powerful" --- he walked the halls of power with his pants around his knees. It is quite touching, 15 years or so after the fact to see this "sudden" soul searching.

We live in a nation where "harassment" or "racism" or "homophobia" or "bullying"  can easily destroy careers and even lives IF YOU ARE ON THE WRONG SIDE! If you are Slick Willie or others that "have their hearts in the right place", you skate.

These new "crimes" often leave no marks and require no "evidence" beyond the sworn feelings of the "victim".  "He called me a *****". "He touched me". "He made a remark about ****** and I was "offended / shocked / embarrassed / ?????". "I felt bullied". The "crimes have a few wonderful characteristics that "The Party" (Democrat) loves -- expect that there will be more of them.

  • They are 100% in the eye of the beholder. Is Aunt Jemimah racially offensive? Sure could be -- but the products are still on the market. Is a Hooters shirt sexual harassment? Sure could be, but we do know that Owl Preserves still exist. The list is endless -- the "crimes" make a complete mockery of any semblance of "equal protection". The N-word being a great example -- well, what color was the person that said it? What political party? As when Bob Dole was asked "Boxers or briefs"? ... "Depends". 
  • "Enforcement" is 100% optional -- Slick Willie is a great example, but there are thousands s of others every day. A  black man in good standing with TP making an awkward advance on a white woman? Certainly nothing to be done about that. A homosexual making an even more over the line on a heterosexual -- maybe even one far younger? Nothing required there! 
  • All the "bad people" are guilty, and none of the "good" (see previous).  Mitt Romney was accused of "being a bully in HS". Herman Cain's campaign was destroyed by evidence of previous philandering -- had he been on the side of TP, it is quite likely that even the old accusations would never have been made/tallied,  but clearly they would have all been "old news, no story here" in a TP political setting. 
  • They train the masses. Monica is a great example of "getting it wrong". Sure, as a woman you have the right to declare "harassment" AGAINST THE PROPER GROUPS!!! Clearly, the leader of TP is NOT the right group! Be silent, clean your dress and get on with your life. There are obvious targets that you need never have even been alone with that sexual harassment is a slam dunk! White or ESPECIALLY Black (the left has a word for this) Christian Republican heterosexual males are totally open season -- we know they are hypocrites, we know they are guilty -- all that is needed is an accuser! The left can barely contain it's disgust at the idea of a Black Republican -- who knows what sexual perversions go along with such unnatural political affiliation! 

The thought control involved in these sorts of "crimes" are as close as it comes to "core values" from the left. Hand a loaded weapon to be used against "oppressors" to the masses and show them how to use it. PLUS, it engenders the kind of combination  victim=entitlement=empowered  thinking that encourages people toward exactly the attitude that breeds tyrants. Personally, anything short of complete happiness and ease in your life means that you are a VICTIM! Joy of joys, that means that you are ENTITLED and even EMPOWERED to strike back against those that are "oppressing" you, or if you are not so bold, at least cheer on and revel in the "success" of other "victims" as they bring down the "oppressors".

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