Tuesday, July 29, 2014

BO Declares Homes Under Water a Good Thing

Obama’s Weekly Address Suggests He Has No Idea What’s Happened During His Presidency:

At about 25 sec into this mess BO declares that "your homes are underwater" as part of the rest of the "good lies". Oh, I'm sure it is just a gaffe -- if W made such a gaffe THE STORY would be "just how stupid is he really?"

We all know why unemployment is low -- nobody is even trying to work. Job participation is down over 3 full percentage points, which means that would have to be ADDED to the unemployment rate in an honest world.

Sure, the stock market and thus 401Ks are up on the printing of $85B a month for years now + essentially no interest on savings. The Feds have cooked the inflation books by using the reality of "Your Homes are Underwater" as the anti-inflation cheat. You know your grocery bills, fuel bills, electric bills, what a hotel room costs if you can afford to travel at all -- inflation is happening.

"let's embrace an economic patriotism that says that rise or fall together" -- We already KNOW that answer and it is FALL ... FALLING, FALLEN ... we have FALLEN already and we are falling fast! Look at the income chart in the article and it would be WORSE if the top wasn't doing as good as it is!

This guy is destroying our nation right before our eyes and the vast majority of people are just too blind to even see the plain truth in front of their noses!

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