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Choosing our Way, Schadenfreude for Satan

Who Do We Think We Are? -

This column from terminal lefty Maureen Dowd might just as well be recycled from '78 - '80. Back then it would be Nixon that was to blame for destroying "Camelot", the "hope of the '60s", McGovern and the "If we can put a man on the moon, we ought to be able to ...." can-do American spirit. "The devils" beyond lefty Lucifer himself -- Nixon, were "Arab Oil Sheiks", "Japan" and of course Wall Street / Big Business.

There is a certain resonance that really goes back to the '30s, the first time the "progressives" solidly ran aground on the awful spectre of reality. "Big Business" as a constant villain. Ever more leviathan government is the saviour knight in shining armor -- tilting with billions, then trillions of dollars at every potential ill windmill. "Education" of an unknown and unspecifiable sort, but probably technocratic, "150 zillion easy steps" to a better whatsit or thingamajig of social, psychological, electronic, computerized brave new world sure to break us from this "malaise / depression / fear / identify crisis", etc.

"Progressives" live on "progress" -- to a "better world". One that is "fair", "sustainable", "just" -- but if you look a little deeper than the technical manuals of their progroms, nostrums, devices, etc, the "why", the "meaning", the "there / there" -- "at what cost", etc is sadly, awfully, terminally missing.

They have their "Great Men" ... FDR, BO ... even Jimmuh when elected was "plain spoken, caring, a man of virtue". When you have the media, you get such a good opening. FDR was saved by WWII, had it not happened it seems all but certain that the "New Deal" would have been fully seen through and dumped harder than Jimmuh was, but such was not the path that events dictated -- so the snake oil got a reprieve.

A reprieve -- but reality is a persistent thing. Like the Grim Reaper, it is never far away from the door.

I was only slightly surprised by this little nugget -- showing my all too human susceptibility to piper of the MSM juggernaut. The month after BO was inaugurated didn't make the list? But if one listened to the news it was as if the almighty himself had deigned to lead our wondrous nation, the Nobel Peace Prize winning "Citizen of the World" himself.
Andrew Kohut, who has polled for Gallup and the Pew Research Center for over four decades, calls the mood “chronic disillusionment.” He said that in this century we have had only three brief moments when a majority of Americans said they were satisfied with the way things were going: the month W took office, right after the 9/11 attacks, and the month we invaded Iraq.
But no, we were unified only after the evil W's inauguration, pulling together for a brief instant after 9-11, and on the invasion of Iraq (proof that Democracy is a bad idea?). 

"Progressives" can't believe that one would want to  "turn back the clock" ... to Ike, to Reagan. Why, that would be going back to "the old" -- which is INHERENTLY bad.  Things like hard work, equality of OPPORTUNITY rather than outcome, actual tolerance of other ideas and opinions, and yes, the most horrible of all,  foundational ideas like "the fear of God being the beginning of WISDOM", rather than the hubris that generates certain horror, "man as the measure of all things". 

The idea that the universe, and as part of that universe, human civilization, is based on completely solid truths, so easy to discern that they are in fact "self evident", written in our very hearts as Natural Law remains a truth simply impossible to believe for Lucifer and his minions of the left.

Oh, how "judgemental" and oh so "closed minded" those of the left will say. "Did he really say that you could not eat of any tree in the garden?". "No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon."

I understand that "mammon" is now often translated as "money" which I find to be a VERY bad translation of "that which is counted". I would say that "this world" would be a better translation, and "man" a close runner up. "Money" lets us off the hook too easy -- just point to someone wealthier than you and those wonderful feelings "I'm OK" come flowing in.

"Judgement" doesn't come from me -- it comes from the same place that Natural Law that the left is so loathe to notice, even though it is written plainly on their very souls. They KNOW what the problem is, but they absolutely refuse to see it -- they do however still smell the inevitable stench of the rot. Even Maureen Dowd can't fully shut out reality!

Yes Maureen, reality is still reality, God is still God, and America has turned to "the other side" -- YOUR SIDE, yet again with the inevitable results which you now smell. Like the Israelites in the Bible, we have seen directly the blessings of God over and over, yet we persist in choosing our "own way". 

Satan cackles with special schadenfreude  at our stupid sense of "freedom" in choosing his way!

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