Monday, July 07, 2014

Democrats Spend 3 Trillion to Hold Senate

Democrats Face a Tough Fight to Hold the Senate -

NYTs  is giving column space here to rally the faithful. What kind of spending does that count as? Here is how the column concludes:

But Democrats can’t lean on a single demographic. The corporatists, oligarchs and plutocrats are working in concert. Liberals must marshal all their constituent groups to do the same. Everyone must vote.
Why DOES "The Party" (Democrat) even need ANY contributions when the national "paper of record" (completely unbiased, TOTALLY unlike evil "biased" outlets like "Fox") is providing column space for 100% TP voter encouragement with a little negative advertising against the Rs thrown in at no charge ???

The article is loaded with the usual harsh warnings of those demons the Koch Brothers! But how exactly WOULD one total up CNN, NBC, CBS, NPR, NYT, WaPO, Salon and the vast majority of "news" outlets in the country save for Fox and talk radio?

How about the vote buying power of all the "free stuff" from public assistance, BOcare, Medicare, housing aid, education aid plus untold social programs and "grants" available if you "qualify"?

How about the entire education system of the US? Grade school through college and post graduate dedicated to convincing the impressionable young that ever larger government is the key to a "better life" (all be it a much more dependent one)!

Add to this millions of federal and state workers in AFSCME plus the still very significant number of non-public union members that are adjunct financial and foot soldier contributors to TP???

Our budget is nearing 4 Trillion, of which fulling 75% is transferring money from the pockets of the "makers" to the "takers" -- say 3 Trillion. Assume that isn't ALL buying votes, but calculate in the value of the entire MSM shilling for TP, the education system and all the government and union workers!

Three Trillion is not a horrible estimate -- but hey, maybe it is half that. Compare that with:

Lauren Windsor reported last month in The Nation that Charles and David Koch held their annual summer seminar for “a gang of the world’s richest people,” and, according to a source who attended the conference, “the explicit goal was to raise $500 million to take the Senate in the 2014 midterms and another $500 million ‘to make sure Hillary Clinton is never president.’”
Let's assume that the Kochs and their "gang" meet their goals of $500 MILLION ... there are definitely 100s of BILLIONS being spent to hold TP in power!

Our nations entire GDP is in the $16T neighborhood per year ... of which 1/4th is being spent by the FEDERAL government! Add in state and local government and we are talking 40%+ being spent by government!! We have found the "oligarchs and plutocrats" and they are heavily concentrated in Washington DC!

Not to mention their propaganda arm of which the linked article is a great example.

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