Thursday, July 10, 2014

We Spy So They Love Us?

Berlin tells CIA station chief to leave in spy scandal | Reuters:

One of the things we were endlessly told when W was in office was that the rest of the world -- not just Arabs, but especially Europe absolutely hated us because of W. The contrast when his worshipfulness BO was coronated was gargantuan -- going to the horror of W to the super-stardom of BO was giddy experience for the press and many of the Sheeple.

So what the hell is BO up to here? It isn't just Germany, there has been Brazil and least and I think a couple of others? I'm a bit mystified -- I don't buy into his stupidity and incompetence as many on the right -- I think he is a legitimately capable anti-colonialist.

So is this "ops research" on the 2nd tier of "great nations"? Perhaps BO has larger plans for bringing a good number of folks down beyond just the US. He DID absolutely declare in his book that HE IS LUO! His identity is as a Kenyan tribesman! Not an American, Harvard grad, Christian, etc -- AFAIK, not even "President". He does seem pretty tired of that job.

He is a smart guy. A plan for the "just rulers of the world", the Luo Tribe of Kenya to take over the planet with BO himself at the head?

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