Monday, July 07, 2014

One Party Fixes Nixon

Opinion: How Nixon's scandal still hurts America -

The reason that Americans don't trust government is Nixon!

 Other government scandals of MUCH larger import (Teapot Dome under FDR comes to mind) don't count.  The salient fact of Watergate was that a REPUBLICAN president was turned out of office. America took a large step in the right direction, but then, somehow, we lost "the lesson" which was SUPPOSED to be learned. REPUBLICANS CAN'T BE TRUSTED!!!

  A "cover-up"? Well, that isn't even remotely wrong if it is done by a Democrat -- the Watergate break-in was about ANTI-Democrat politics. One of the worst crimes (THE worst?) that can be committed! Oh sure, Nixon was attempting to "use the IRS to attack his political enemies" -- and that too was REALLY BAD. His "political enemies" were the good people of the left, not REAL enemies like the Tea Party or people that believe in marriage between a man and woman!

"Iran Contra" was a scandal that hung on from '87-'92 when HW Bush lost. There were indictments 2 weeks before the election -- but there was no problem at all with THAT scandal if you worked for CNN. I suppose if they had managed to get something on Reagan or HW to get them out of office that would have been another of "the right kind of scandal" -- that shows REPUBLICANS can't be trusted?

See, using the IRS for political purposes and losing all the evidence if you are a DEMOCRAT ought to be completely ignored. CNN will help you with that. How do we "fix" this problem?
To really banish the memories of Watergate and set the government on a better course, reforming politics is the most important solution.
Improving our campaign finance system by curbing the influence of private money and imposing stronger restrictions on lobbying, such as the revolving door between the government and lobbying groups, is an essential first start.
Until we take those kinds of steps, voters will always be seeing the shadow of Richard Nixon when they look at their elected leaders.
Got that? Get "private money" (read, "other side money") out of politics, and make sure that nobody can go back into business or "lobby" for business after being in government!

I suppose that he didn't just want to come out and say what he REALLY wants. One party rule! Why, there certainly would be no "Watergate" if there were only one party! In fact, there would be no "scandal" at all! End of story, goal achieved!

Who could argue with that? Well, usually shortly after one party, NOBODY -- at least nobody that isn't in jail or worse!

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