Monday, July 28, 2014

Rich People Vote Their Self Interest, The Making of a Dependent

I was poor, but a GOP die-hard: How I finally left the politics of shame -

This column does a good job of covering many of the official mottos of "progressivism"
  1. You have a RIGHT to free stuff -- income, education, healthcare, home, food, recreation, cell phone, you name it! 
  2. Nothing bad that happens is your fault, nor the fault of "The Party" (Democrat) ... all bad stuff is due to "rich people", "Republicans", "Big Business", etc ... there is no such thing as "responsibility" for TP or TP members in good standing! 
  3. Your "responsibility" begins and ends with voting TP! It shows you are "good, smart, correct, popular, etc" ... all the good stuff. All you need to know is VOTE TP! 
 They crash companies, loot pensions and destroy banks, and when they hit a snag, they scream to be rescued by government largess.  By contrast, I continued to pay my oversize mortgage for years, even as my home lost more than half its value.  I viewed my bad investment as yet another moral failure.  When it comes to voting and investing, rich people make calculated decisions, while regular people make “emotional” and “moral” ones.  Despite growing self-awareness, I pushed away reality for another election cycle.
One of the tough parts of the world is "de-referencing" the "they" ... in programming or internet activities, you need to do something like take "" and convert it to something like (DNS does this) ... in programming it is usually converting some "name" or "object" into an actual 32 or 64-bit memory location. 

So who are "they"? The writer wants to convince you that "they" are "Republicans" or "big business", but the whole "TARP" was engineered by a total control Democrat ( THE Party ) congress and BO! W was the lamest of lame ducks at that point -- so in fact, THE PARTY was the central power in buying out all the bad paper that the financial organizations had. 

Basically, "rich people" ARE "The Party" -- the smoke screen is that they are willing to give those willing to kiss the ring of lefty power a "basic living" ... maybe say 1K sq ft of living space, a smart phone, internet and a flat screen of say "50 inches" plus US Postal Health Care + mass quantities of mac and cheese to munch on and stay "comfortable".

Just how much is "guilt" worth? What is being given up is the idea that you are an independent and capable person that refuses to live in the "liberal" box.  But the author of the article finds the guilt of having to take responsibility for your actions to ultimately be too much, and is willing to become a docile and guiltless ward of "The Party". 

I'm sure they will treat him "fairly". 
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