Monday, July 28, 2014

We Demand A Single Choiceless World Government!

Inversion Therapy for Liberals | Power Line:

Good column, the punchline is very old though. The USSR understood that as long as there were alternatives to their system in the world, their system was in grave danger. Eventually you have to build walls to keep your people IN!

"Liberals" abhor actual choice -- because if people are allowed to choose, those that are productive and make money will avoid the system that the "liberals" think is "just". Their idea of "justice" can only ultimately be enforced by a gun -- so they want to make certain that they have them and nobody else does. People that actually practice and are able to operate independently are a very nasty obstacle to the "liberal" agenda that demands that the sheep bleat approvingly at any nostrum that the leftist shepherds trumpet.

"We need the revenue" indeed!

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