Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Big Money In Politics, D $104M R $76M

Senate Democrats have $8M July, have $32M banked - SFGate:

You will read and hear quite a lot about Citizens United, the Koch brothers and the evils of "big money in politics".

What you don't hear is that in pretty much every case the Democrats have something around a 25-35% advantage -- union, government, education, legal, finance, telecommunications, medical, etc ... buried in this article are the figures in title -- Democrat Senate fund raising vs Republican. It's from SF, they can afford to lift the curtain and let the masses chat with Oz a bit.

The Ds  pretty much have to have a fundraising advantage, they are the dominant party and basically everyone has to curry some level of favor with them if they want to prosper -- the unions need laws to allow them to force membership, education needs grants, subsidies, new rules to force more required degrees and certifications, lawyers need more laws for them to both charge and defend various people -- the lawyer winning on both sides financially ... and so it goes.

When over 50% of the economy is either government spending, tax breaks or credits, or government DIRECTED spending (you have to put a scrubber on your smokestack, you have to keep this kind of medical record), it is no wonder the dominant party dominantes in political fundraising and spending.

I suppose that given the amount of time they have been dominant -- since the 1930's, it is also not surprising that they are dominant in the media, so we hear very little about their political spending dominance, and are instead fed myths about "big corporate money" and "the Koch brothers".

The game is to really have a token opposition in name only .., a few left leaning Rs that can be trotted out and demonized while letting the masses think they are not under one party rule.

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