Tuesday, August 19, 2014

BO Calls Baghdadi on Beheading

Islamic State claims beheading of American journalist - Chicago Tribune:

This is W's fault.  We have a Nobel PEACE  Prize winner as President. I can imagine the call to ISIS now ...
Hey, Bro, this is Barack man ... I know you guys, I'm one of you. Hey Baghdadi man, gotta say that I LOVE the name! Could be a rappah! Like BAG  Daddy! Sweeeet! 

Say, I had you released back in '09, and I think we understand each other. I went to a Muslim school, I'm down with the Koran, Muhammad and all that. Check out the "church" I went to for 20 years, hell, God DAMN America! You gotta dig that, right?!!! FUCK these stupid Honkeys! You are kicking ASS over there and I'm your biggest fan! Kill a couple Christians for me man!

Hey, I'm a Luo Tribesman myself -- screw this US gig, lots of white shit, lots of racism -- we should smoke some blunt sometime! Where are you on that Muhammad 9 year old chicks thing? Let's talk that out in the NEAR future!

Anyway, I can dig some beheading for a good cause -- say John Boehner ( "Boner" as I call him) ...

So anyway, I'm not sure I can get you Boner right away, but consider it a future swap. I'll skate on this in any case -- I always do, but there are a lot of "tidy whitey" folks here in the US that just don't see the righteousness in a good beheading. I can help you more if you let this one slide and give me a shot at getting you close to some better heads -- say the Boner!

Anyway, T TIME! I gotta go -- just give my cell a ring and we will git it done! Nice chattin, Praise to Allah and all that! Later Bro  ...

... but perhaps the links called too early or our "citizen of the world" couldn't get a good connection.

Anyway, it is Ws fault, I'm certain of that.

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