Thursday, August 07, 2014

BOcare, Get Poor, ASAP!

Articles: More Bad News for the Middle Class and Their Health Care:

Good article that explains what I've explained a few times. The primary purpose of BOcare is to move more middle class, and even "rich" ( if you make $120K, you are RICH!) into either the real or just income based "poor".

In the new world of BOcare, if you are not "poor" (something around $40K or less), then you have to pay for a now more  expensive insurance plan, PLUS a $5 - $10K deductible. Often a swing of well over $10K a year from what the "middle class" had prior to BOcare.

BO doesn't much care if he succeeds in destroying middle class Americans just financially, or if they die trying to avoid paying deductibles. If they are destroyed financially, they will likely vote D -- if they are dead, due to the magic of "The Chicago Way", they will vote D as well! The BO version of "win win"!

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